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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meet Kaylie Foster

Meet 3 y/o Kaylie Foster, recently mauled by her father's pet pit bull while having court stipulated visits with him.

Her father owned a pit bull and no doubt assumed it was safe to have around Kaylie.  He was wrong! His dog latched onto Kaylie's little face and would not let go, as pit bulls do, until it was stabbed to death by a family member.

It took 100 stitches to close Kaylie's little face.

Now Kaylie proudly wears her t-shirt in support of the Walk For Victims of Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs. 

Thank you, Kaylie for your courage and bravery! Heal quickly, sweetheart, you have an ARMY of support behind you! 

Please come and Walk with us to support VICTIMS like Kaylie, and so many others who continue to wear the physical and emotional scars of vicious attacks by Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs. 


  1. I'm afraid that the small children living next door will end up in the same condition. Their stupid parents have this monster pit bull that's not terribly friendly.

    Does the Tucson office of Child Protective Services care about such things? Do they give a flying feather about children being in the presence of pit bulls?

    PS: We neighbors think that this family is involved in dogfighting. But getting animal control to do anything other than a drive-by investigation is an exercise in futility.

    1. Try to take pictures of each different dog you see as most areas have ordinances that limit the number of dogs on a property .. then send all the pics (anonymously if you desire) to the newspaper and mayor of your town...

    2. Thanks for the suggestion, Anonymous. I think the situation is about to resolve itself.

      Why? Because Tucson Electric Power just tucked a utility shutoff notice into their front gate. It's the sort of notice that says you need to bring your bill up to date within 24 hours. And, ISTR, you also have to pay TEP a deposit equal to your highest bill in the past year.

      Usually, when the shutoff notices are delivered, the departure of the tenants isn't too far behind.

  2. Tragic for Sweet Sweet Kaylie. This was her grandmothers pit bull and the grandmother has raised many other vicious pitbulls and has never been held accountable. This is a Granny that loves bloody movies and the gorier ther better. how odd that she would raisevicious animals that createrelaxing the same ty peof bloody attacks that she loves to watch regulary as her family entertainment.

  3. The child's father is irresponsible. Any person owning a canine or any large animal should know better than to leave a child unattended with it.